6 Methods to Produce Fast Loading Web Pages

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On a 56k connection, the Web page should load inside 8 seconds. The following strategies are all ways you can speed up your down load time.

1 . The most of Web Pages that contain JavaScript fill them in at the beginning of the record. The content can not be seen till the JavaScript has loaded in. Put any JavaScript at the end of the record and it will load after the main content material has finished, thus reducing the particular loading time of the page. The page will still be loading when it is noticeable inside the browser but the user is going to be oblivious to this.

second . Loading in external documents for example style sheets or JavaScript data files can also increase a page' s fill time. Including them in the code file decrees the readability from the code for a programmer but will less the load time of the web page significantly. When you' ve obtained your website working correctly, take some time to copy paste external code to the main html file.

three or more. There are several different image types, the most common are Portable Network Graphics (png), Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and Graphics Interchange Format (gif). Making sure you use a file format that retains the quality of the image in a optimal size is critical when it comes to page load time. If your picture only uses a few colors then the gif file type would be sufficient to the job. JPEGs can vary within quality and consequentially in quality also. You should aim for the tiniest size that does not reduce the quality from the image. PNGs can provide images along with transparent backgrounds but have a bigger file size than the two previous varieties. An additional image format is usually Bitmap (bmp), which are very large data files that retain the full quality from the image. These should be avoided completely for web use to promise speedy page load times.

four. A minimal use of images, in particular living gifs will also decrease page load period. An animated gif is made up of a number of different images and will have a significantly bigger file size than a typical graphic. Lower file sizes of graphics may less a page' s fill time. The amount of images becoming loaded is also worth noting since it also effects page load time.

5. Animated gifs are quick being replaced by swf data files or Flash animations. However they' re file size is significantly bigger than that of animated gifs. They ought to only be used on a page exactly where absolutely essential. It is worth taking into consideration utilizing an animated gif instead of a swf in case your animation is short and does not need any user interaction. Neverheless it will also be noted that if your computer animation uses audio a gif additionally appropriate. The use of swfs will even require additional code to find out if the user has a flash player set up. Further code equates to a better file size and is therefore another reason to only use swfs where required.

6. It is recommended to combine separate images where one can to lessen page load time. The overall file size of two independent images will be greater than that of a single. Also with only one graphic the particular page needs to make much less http requests, which is another identifying factor of page load time.

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