15 Facts About Paper Shredding

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1. The first papers shredding machine was patented simply by inventor Abbot Augustus Lowe within 1909. But his prototype in no way saw mass production — Lowe died only three years after having a patent of it.

2. In 1935, the German engineer named Adolf Ehinger created a second read more

Facts About Encryption

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The conversion or ‘scrambling’ of information or even data into a secret code yet another form that cannot be easily comprehended by unauthorized or unintended customers, is called “encryption”. The encrypted information format is called ‘cipher text’; read more

Importance of Security For Your Site

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Managing an internet site is not the simplest task. Among the things which you have to be concerned about is the security of the site. With so many cyber criminal offenses occurring lately, extra security steps should be taken to ensure that you do not turn into a victim of cyber read more

Voice Phishing And Other Identity Theft

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Evolution associated with Online Fraud
The reason for the fraudsters are not limited to take your bank details. Faced with all the growing danger posed by phishing techniques, voice phishing and phishing by fax, would you recognize the fake website designed to steal your read more