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Cyber Security

Strong Passwords – Customer Friendly Computer Security

Go directly into to any office and look under the pc keyboards and you’ll eventually find a small piece of paper with that users logon ID and passwords. Probably each password that person has.

This demonstrates a serious problem with the use of networked computer systems read more

The Future of Backup and Recovery

There has been a good expanding growth in the need for supply of security features for information, especially now that data is getting kept and shared on the cloud. This market is growing tremendously providing providers to the data archiving segment including companies who store read more

How to Fix Runtime Error 216 and Prevent Subseven Trojan Virus

According to Microsoft’s website, a runtime error 216 is indicative of a Subseven Trojan virus. Runtime error 216 generally occurs on a pre-Vista version associated with Windows, locking up the machine, interrupting programs, and forcing reboots.

What is the Subseven Trojan read more

You Can Protect Your Country Mailbox From Theft and Vandalism

For decades youngsters have got targeted country mailboxes for Friday and Saturday night batting procedures. This bashing of mailboxes is truly a Federal crime. Vandalism of any sort is covered in the United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations, Title 18, United States Code, read more