Cpanel Tutorials – How To Avoid Spam Using SpamAssasin

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If you are an internet marketer and own a web server using a cpanel control panel then here' t how to fight spam coming in all your mail accounts. The feature is known as SpamAssasin and its included in the latest variations of cpanel.

First of you have to determine whether your cpanel edition includes this feature or not. Login to your account and click ' Mail'. If you see a clickable choice named ' SpamAssasin' then you' re alright. Now let' t see how it works.

Click around the ' SpamAssasin' link. You is going to be presented with a window where you can look into the status of the software and set up it. On top you can see in case it' s enabled or not. If you see a message saying: ' SpamAssasin is currently: Disabled' then you need to allow the feature in order to block junk e-mail.

A little lower you will see the button called ' Enable SpamAssasin'. Click on it and wait for the body to set up the software automatically. A new web page opens where details are introduced to you and a message on the bottom part informing you that SpamAssasin continues to be enabled for your account. Click the particular ' Go back' link to go back to the main options.

Now, that will you' ve got the software allowed the subject of all email messages that are designated as spam will include a word to help you understand that those messages are actually identified as spam. For example in case an unsolicited email message has got the subject ' Hello this is a junk mail message please open it' it will be detected and a prefix is going to be added. The subject will be transformed into something like this: ' **** _ SPAM _ **** Hello this can be a spam message please open it'. That way, when you open your own mailbox to check your emails, you should understand which messages have been identified as junk e-mail and delete them.

There' s also an option to remove all the messages identified as spam and not deliver them to your account. Above the particular ' Enable SpamAssasin' button there' s this phrase: ' To simply have the server DELETE rather than deliver emails that are tagged since spam by SpamAssassin, click here now'. By clicking on this link a person instruct the software to delete just about all messages that it identifies as junk e-mail. I do not recommend doing this instantly though. First, enable SpamAssasin and find out what type of email messages you get, are recognized as spam. If you receive tons of junk e-mail like me you will notice that the major associated with spam messages are filtered effectively.

Another, alternative way to prevent all email messages marked as junk e-mail by SpamAssasin is with Email Filtering. Click on the ' Home' switch in the upper right corner plus click on ' Mail' again. Then click on ' Email filtering'. Here you can add filters to avoid certain electronic mails from arriving at your inbox. How the filters work is out of the particular scope of this article but click on ' Add filter' and you will be presented with the choices to add a filter for the inbound email messages.

There are 2 drop down boxes and an modify box with which you specify the particular types of filters you want to add. There' s also an edit container where you can specify the destination from the email that will be filtered. On the very first drop down box choose ' SpamAssasin Spam Header' and on the second fall box choose ' begin with', then on the filter edit container Enter the word "Yes" without the estimates. Lastly, on the destination edit container enter the word "Discard" without the estimates. Then click on ' Activate' to allow the filter. What you' ve done is that you added a filtration system which allows SpamAssasin to filter just about all email messages that are marked as junk e-mail and discard them.

If you want to go even further you can try in order to configure the software yourself. We are required to be in the ' Email Filtering' section. Click on the ' Home' button in the upper right part and click on ' Mail' once again. Then click on the ' SpamAssasin' hyperlink. There' s a button known as ' Configure SpamAssasin', you will see this. Click on it and you will be presented with the primary configuration. I will not go into information about the configuration but you can visit this site to learn more.

If you receive a large amount of unsolicited email then SpamAssasin will help you get rid of most of them. It uses advanced algorithms to identify spam emails plus mark them appropriately using styles and scores. If it allowed me to then it can probably help you!

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