Ecommerce Threats & Solutions

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eCommerce has forever revolutionized the way in which business is done. Retail has now a considerable ways from the days of physical transactions which were time consuming and prone to errors.

However, eCommerce has unavoidably invited the share of trouble makers. As much as eCommerce simplifies dealings, it is occasionally plagued by serious issues that jeopardize its security like a medium of exchanging money plus information.

Major threats to present day time eCommerce include

Breach of Security:

Money Thefts

eCommerce services are about dealings, and transactions are very largely powered by money. This attracts cyber criminals, crackers and everyone with the understanding of exploiting loopholes in a system. Once a kink in the armor will be discovered, they feed the system(and users) with numerous bits of suspicious information to extract confidential data(phishing). This is particularly dangerous as the information extracted may be that of credit card amounts, security passwords, transaction details etc .

Also, Payment gateways are vulnerable to interception by unethical users. Cleverly designed strategies can sift a part or maybe the entire amount being transferred through the user to the online vendor.

Identity thefts

Hackers often gain access to sensitive details like user accounts, user information, addresses, confidential personal information etc . It is a significant threat in view from the privileges one can avail with a fake identity.

For instance, one can very easily login to an online shopping mart within stolen identity and make purchases really worth thousands of dollars. He/she can then have the purchase delivered to an address other than one listed on the records. One can easily see exactly how those orders could be received with the impostor without arousing suspicion. While the fraudsters gains, the original accounts holder continues to pay the price till the offender is nabbed.

Threats towards the system

Viruses, worms, Trojans are very misleading methods of stealing information. Unless an audio virus-protection strategy is used by the eCommere Solutions firm, these malicious brokers can compromise the credibility of eCommerce web solution services. Often planted by individuals for factors known best to them alone, infections breed within the systems and grow at astonishing speeds. Unchecked, they could potentially cripple the entire system.


There is but one solution to almost all issues that at times dent the security associated with eCommerce services. Strict vigil upon malicious intruders.

Easier said compared to done? So is every safety measure. However, with online transactions, improvement in security has been overwhelming.


Most notable are the advances in id and elimination of non-genuine customers. Ecommerce service designers now make use of multi-level identification protocols like protection questions, encrypted passwords(Encryption), biometrics while others to confirm the identity of their clients. These steps have found wide prefer all around due to their effectiveness in filtering out unwelcome access.

Intrusion Check

The problem of tackling viruses and their particular like has also seen rapid growth with anti-virus vendors releasing solid anti-viruses. These are developed by professional programmers who are a notch over the hackers and crackers by themselves.

Firewalls are another common method of implementing security measures. These applications restrict access to and from the program to pre-checked users/access points.

Educating Users

eCommerce is run primarily simply by users. Thus, eCommerce service providers also have turned to educating users about secure practices that make the entire operation hassle free. Recent issues like phishing are actually tackled to a good extent simply by informing genuine users of the possible risks with publishing their confidential information in order to unauthorized information seekers.

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