Even With Broadband, Fast Page Load Time Is Essential for Successful SEO

Posted on December 2, 2017 By

On the face of it, you' d believe that now most computers connect to the internet via fast broadband rather than call up modems, page load speed really should not be an issue. But it most certainly is usually – for a variety of reasons that will we' ll discuss here.

It' s all down to detail

Because internet connection speeds have got gotten faster, website designers convey more flexibility in what they can include on the page.

It also means which they do not look at the nitty gritty details along with as much care as they did a few years ago.

When the internet was first getting popular, videos had been almost unused. Hard as it may end up being to believe nowdays, even in the grownup industry.

That' s since the amount of bandwidth taken up by movie was impossible to squeeze into the little amount of bandwidth used to get into your house.

Now, video is common yet that means it as an impact on web page size and there before the period it takes that page to load.

The same goes for picture size. When the web was in the infancy, cameras did not have insane amounts of megapixels so image dimensions were less of a problem — they were still a problem, just no place near as much as current camera technologies means they are now.

Lots of different factors conspire to influence page load times and it' h necessary to use specialist sites to check on what' s happening because their particular tests are designed to avoid the pitfalls associated with trying to measure site speeds internal.

Although internet connection speeds have got increased, the amount of patience we show when we are waiting for an internet page to load has not.

It' s still about 2 or 3 secs otherwise we grumpily press the rear button and try to find a faster launching website.

That goes a lot more so for people browsing on the mobile phone.

Generally speaking, cell phone "broadband" is nowhere near as soon as a hard wired connection.

But most websites only pay lip services to their mobile phone users. They may use a different CSS file in order to cater for the different screen size yet that' s about all almost all websites do. The images continue to be there, so are the support data files that ensure we have the functionality we all expect.

Which means that plenty of websites do not work well on cell phones or are just plain slow.

The other reason that quick page load time is still essential is the fact that behind the scenes things do not always proceed smoothly on the internet.

Techies will certainly happily point you to sites that provide you a "traffic report" on the internet. These websites will tell you how close to optimally the web is working at any given time and you' ll probably be surprised at how long from the perfect results are, especially if there' s anything major happening someplace in the world when you check.

Those factors mean that even a fast web site can sometimes be held up by circumstance somewhere else on the web.

Designing your site for fast page load times will help this to still deliver acceptable outcomes when other things conspire against this.

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