FTP Site Hosting – What it is and How Much it Costs

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There is a lot of confusion in the market place as to what “FTP Site Hosting” is. It’s typically baffled with the FTP service used for “Website Hosting.”

Even providers like Network Solutions do not get it. You’ll find them and many more marketing their “Website Hosting” service because “FTP Site Hosting.”

Although they both use the exact same method to transfer files (File Transfer Protocol), the actual services are extremely various.

What is “FTP Site Hosting?”

“FTP Site Hosting” is something that allows one person to share and trade large files with many other people with the Internet through the use of a secure, on-line file storage system.

A crucial benefit of “FTP Site Hosting” is that the document transfer process actually bypasses the user’s email service. This implies that the user never has file size and/or file type restrictions.

    For example:

Let’s say Now i’m a distributor and it’s the final of the month. I need to send the monthly sales reports out to the eight regional sales managers. However, I can’t send the files through email because their size is too large and they are in a. SQUAT file format.

What do I do? It’s simple! I utilize an “FTP Site Hosting” service that allows me to set up several secure file folders online, 1 for each of my sales repetitions.

After I’m done setting up the particular folders, which usually takes about five-minutes, I simply upload the individual sales reviews to each regional managers protected file folder. They can then down load the files/reports at their leisure time.

In the above example, a single consumer would be able to manage all their online FTP files and folders from any kind of computer connected to the Internet. In inclusion, because each of the online FTP files is password protected, they would not need to worry about one sales rep. accessing one more reps. information.

What is the between “FTP Site Hosting” and the FTP service used for “Website Hosting?”

With “FTP Site Hosting,” a person can have between two and one thousand FTP accounts. Each account could be password protected and the documents, folders, and accounts can be handled from any computer that has a good Internet connection.

This type of support is designed for transferring files among an individual and/or company and numerous individuals and/or companies.

On another hand, the FTP service useful for “Website Hosting” generally consists of a single FTP account that is used by the webmaster or website designer in order to transfer (upload) files to a web site.

How much does “FTP Site Hosting” price?

Your cost for “FTP Site Hosting” is typically a fraction of the cost of delivering files via conventional methods like Fed-X, UPS, and the US Postal Service.

Best of all, when delivering files via “FTP Site Hosting,” there are simply no pickup and delivery charges, simply no damaged shipments, and no dropped media! In addition, you can gain access to, upload, and download your documents from any Internet connection

You can get to pay between $3. 50 each week and $55. 00 per month with regard to basic “FTP Site Hosting” service. Many from the service providers don’t require a contract, which means you can end the service at any time without dealing with early termination fees.

Also, most of the providers will allow you to test their support before you subscribe. This is good because if you don’t like the service, a person pay.

Why would someone require more than one “FTP Site Hosting” account?

If you might have large files you share with several clients and vendors, you’re an excellent candidate for “FTP Site Hosting.”

By having several accounts and being able to password guard each account, you can send & receive files to & out of your clients and vendors without worrying regarding any one of them seeing the others files.

The types of companies that typically make use of “FTP Site Hosting” are engineering firms, developers, transcriptionists, printers, lawyers, artists, designers, medical practices, and businesses which have a need to securely transfer big files via the Internet.

How should i find a good “FTP Site Hosting” company?

Now that you simply understand the differences between “FTP Site Hosting” and the FTP service used for “Website Hosting,” you need to select a service that fits your requirements.

How do you do it? It’s simple! The best place to start searching is Google (http://www.Google.com) Just enter the phrase “FTP Site Hosting” and a listing of companies offering the FTP support will be displayed. Simply work all the way through the list and identify the companies that provide the type of service that fits your needs the very best.

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