How to Host a Successful Candle Party – Hosting a Successful Candle Party in 7 Easy Steps

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Hosting a successful candle party is not skyrocket science. Here are seven simple steps to getting a free candlestick shopping spree:

1. Select a date and time that works to suit your needs and your friends.

2. Make a list of at least 30 people to invite. Invite people from almost all aspects of your life: work, friends, loved ones, acquaintances, neighbors and people you know throughout your children or spouse. Only regarding 30% of the people that you ask will make it to the celebration, so always over invite. Don’t assume that everyone you invite should come. A successful candle party has a minimum of ten guests in attendance.

3. Provide your guest list along with addresses to your candle specialist at least two weeks before your planned date. Your candle consultant will certainly create and mail the invites for you. Your candle consultant could also provide the ability to e-mail invites.

4. Many people who cannot go to will still want to location an order. Use the catalogues that your candle consultant gave a person to get those outside purchases. Outside orders will boost your display sales and earn you more host or hostess credit. Also ask those that are not able to attend if they would be interested in hosting a show of their own. There are always benefits for the original sponsor at subsequent parties that are reserved.

5. Call all of your invited visitors two days before the date of the display to remind them of the time and time. People get occupied and forget. They always value a reminder.

6. Don’t tension over the food and drink for your party. An effective candle party needs lots of visitors, not lots of food. Pick upward a bag of chips, several dip, and maybe some cheese plus crackers. Serve water, soda plus, if you like, wine.

7. Shop, store, shop! You earned your free of charge hostess shopping spree, half cost items and special hostess provides, now enjoy them!

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