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It doesn’t matter what kind of website you are setting up. Sooner or even later, you must make a decision on the kind of hosting platform that you would like to use. That means you will have to choose the type of machine that you site will be hosted upon (Windows or Linux), the the control panel (Plesk, cPanel, HELM), and development language. Let’s explore these choices.

1) Type of server.

You can choose between a Windows device, or a Linux machine. Windows is becoming more competitive in recent years with the launch of a more user friendly control panel. The features have also been greatly improved. You will want to choose a Windows environment to operate in if you are mainly using Windows related products, services, and development languages. For instance, if your whole website is developed using OR NET. NET, then you need to have a Windows server.

The other type of machine that you can use is a Linux server. The Linux server has been known to be better quality and reliable. Since Linux is definitely an open source OS, you can expect web hosting to be more affordable. In fact, the particular OS is so powerful that just about anything can be done on Linux servers. This is an immensely powerful OS and is most suitable for programming different languages like Perl or PHP.

2) Admin control panel.

Even for the same OPERATING SYSTEM, there are several control panels available. Customers have been complaining for years due to an insufficient user friendly control panels. However, the particular control panels have stabilized in the past couple of years. Today, HELM is the top control panel for Windows, and cPanel is the leading control panel for Linux servers. Both control panels provide sophisticated features. You can use document managers to manage files, create directories, create email accounts, read emails online, and more.

3) Programming languages.

Your final buying decision depends a lot on your choice of program writing language. Of course, the development atmosphere has a lot to do with the developer’s background and experience. If PHP is the preferred language, then a Linux server with cPanel as the the control panel would be the ideal combination. Although Windows support PHP, you still want to stay away from Windows to run a PHP driven site. That’s because there are still several features that you can’t really operate on a Windows machine. For example, you cannot create cron jobs on the Windows server, but you can do so quickly on a Linux server. A cron job is an automated command which is issued to the machine at normal intervals. It can be created by hand in cPanel, or using a screenplay.

It appears that PHP will be winning market share because the programming vocabulary is open source, easy to understand, and doesn’t require any complex software. In other words, almost any person can pick up and programming vocabulary. In fact, if you start employing freelancers, you realize that many PHP developers are self-taught. They just choose things up as they work on various tasks on the Internet.

Consider the pros and cons carefully before signing up for the hosting account.

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