Novel Netware Network Operating System

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This is an operating system which has the capabilities of supporting info and resources sharing between system computers. It provides an influence in between workstation in a network.

Network Operating System Services includes:

File in addition to resource sharing – Is the essential requirement for a network i. at the. is the reason behind networking computers.

Configurability and usability – configuration in addition to use should be easy paper documents, electronic format, books should be provided for the initial user to get the network up and running.

Support – any kind of useful information ought to be available.

Types of Network Operating System:

Novel Netware

• It may be the first NOS to support the several platforms

• It was the first EM to support multiple and varying topologies and routes between this various topologies

• Novel Netware servers usually outperform other network servers as it is by design network operating system

Features of Novel NOS include:

• Novel directory services (NOS)

NDS providing is what makes a novel a strong competition of Windows NT. It utilizes X. 500 standard and therefore avoid the creation of duplicated objects. Each object has a distinguish name (DN). Because NDS directory services will be displayed in neat graphically set up order, objects such as users, computer printers, workstations and application servers are usually sharing an organize structure for the system administration user. You may log in as the administrator user coming from any workstation. This enables you to control the entire directory tree. You can also add and remove user’s services as well as other network resources. Users need to sign only once in order to gain access to all system resources.

• Security Services

All account details flows back and forth from the Netware machine to the client workstation in an protected format, even the administrator cannot take a look at user’s password on the server. The administrator can remove and add consumers permission but only the users understand their own password, even if users be able to physical Netware server, they have simply no greater access to resources that would possess on their own workstation is build to the network system because Netware safety is build into the Netware approach to the lowest level. All attempts to gain access to information or resources on the system go through on the network security system.

• Database services

Provide a central archive for information on the server, the major database software system available is

Netware C — a database record management system catalog with a database key for easy advancement for vertical application.

Netware SQL – standard used for accessing data stored in relational database system.
Oracle DBMS – it is SQL dependent system used by mainly business essential application in different lines of company.

• Messaging services

Provide a messages service called Netware message coping with service. This provides ease of information, transmission between many fronted apps. This application can share info over the LANs and Novel term.

• Print services

Allows up to 16 printers to be shared per print out server on the Network and therefore an actual flexibility of printing, Printers do not need to to be attached to the actual print machine in order to be operated.

• Netware loadable machine (NLM)

Netware loadable modules are usually maintained by Novel Netware procedure. It provide the power needed to help hierarchy used network services inside the server. have the same access to the Netware security services making them same to control in addition to monitor.

Advantages of the Novel Netware

Has the print and file server software program in the business and its sharing of data files and printers that makes a system important and useful. Has the very best LAN NOS directory service.


As an application server its fails because Windows NT beats it with this case. Poor at printing data/information network status and management. It has build in network supervision tools that are not powerful.

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