Spying Software and the IMEI Code: Protect Your Phone

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If you suspect your mobile phone has spy software on it, the first thing you should do is get it removed. After it is removed, there are several precautions you can take to protect your personal privacy and make it difficult to reinstall the spyware.

Removing Spy Software

Spy application is easy to remove, simply go to your own service provider and have them erase the phone’s memory and restore the factory defaults. Some providers may even walk you through the treatment over the phone. Make be certain to have a hard copy of details you need to keep.

Protecting Your Phone

Spy software is easy to remove and it really is as easy for someone to reinstall — if you are not very careful. Some of the things you should do to protect your telephone:

  • Lock your keypad with a security password. This will prevent anyone who will not know the password from setting up the software.
  • Use antivirus software program on your phone to detect and remove spyware and viruses.
  • Do not give your cell number in order to anyone you would not share all of your information with. Some very advanced software can be installed from a remote control location using only the phone number and sometimes the IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity number). The IMEI code is not confidential. It is possible to find it in a few different places

    1. From the phone agreement. It was on my iPhone 4 contract.
    2. From the battery case. It was in our iPhone 4 battery case.
    3. By simply dialing #06# in your phone. This worked on my iPhone 4.

It is chilling to consider that all a spy needs is usually the IMEI code and the phone number to start spying

Remember that the spyware is not easy to detect and it may have been reinstalled without your understanding. If you are in a confidential conference – be aware that close by conversations can be recorded even if the phone is off. Consider removing the battery for the duration of the meeting.

Unless you know what to look for, the software is undetected. Privacy laws and their adjustment have not caught up with what is happening within the marketplace today. This implies that each person should be aware that anyone might be spying on his or her telephone for any reason. The technology will not go away and the best security is information. There are many methods to deal with this problem. Three that are workable are:

  1. Be careful what you textual content and say on a mobile phone. You may not have spyware on your telephone, but the person who you are conntacting may have it on theirs.
  2. Be aware that if your telephone has this software, the secret agent may be able to hear your nearby discussions even when you are not speaking on the phone. If you are in a private business meeting you might want to take steps to make sure that it is not being recorded covertly.
  3. Protect access to your cell phone as though it is the key to your lifestyle – it is!

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