Strong Password Authentication Essential to Your Computer Security

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1. Why Password?

Your computer and the websites a person frequently visit contain a great deal of private information about you. It is important, consequently to ensure that you do not allow your personal information to get into the wrong hands.
We do so much online nowadays: banking, shopping and social networking have grown to be everyday activities. There are unpleasant people out there who want to steal a person. Not just your money, but your really identity. It is therefore really necessary to protect yourself simply by restricting access to your personal information. This is where passwords come in. They make sure that your personal details are only obtainable to you.

2. Why a Strong Password?

We all like to maintain things simple. Passwords can be a discomfort. So let us make it easy to remember and not complicate matters. Why not use the same password for those our safe sites. It is simply too much hassle remembering all those various passwords, after all.

Passwords is visible as the weakest link between your information and those who could most take advantage of access to your personal details. Once the password is cracked they may be in. If you use the same security password for different applications, your system is susceptible, along with your online banking and bank card accounts.

Examples of poor passwords include your name, username, time of birth, names of your kids, even your car registration number. Paul123 would not be a safeguard against our online bank account, for example. Hackers may use programs that try to suppose your password by browsing through your own files to search for personal information.
Criminals use a number of methods to identify passwords. Dictionary search trawls through online dictionaries to think of a match to your password. Brute force attacks try every possible mixture of keystrokes that can be used in connection with an user title. Phishing, official looking emails allegedly from banks, for example , seek to obtain passwords or PIN figures from unsuspecting victims.

3. What is a Strong Password?

Many websites demand security passwords that exceed seven or 8 digits, including letters and figures. Security experts advise even lengthier passwords, 14 characters are considered practical. Experts also suggest that you combine upper and lower case letters and use characters in lieu of some letters. The key is to use a security password that is simple enough for you to keep in mind but no one else, even your own close family and friends would be able to identify.

4. Further assistance

Microsoft has a very good program that rates the strength or even weakness of your chosen password.

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