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Computer Viruses and The Negative Impact on Business

Computers are very detailed machines that functionality by set rules, codes and languages. Everything follows a design and schedule in order to operate effectively. Computer viruses can affect the makeup of a computer such as the screen and display appearances or the simple features read more

My Dad’s Weird (But I’m Not)

My Dad’s Weird (Unlike Me)

Three! I was just 3 mouse clicks away from hacking into Bayfield High’s computer system when…


My bedroom rocked. What was that? Earthquake? World War Three?
A surprise wave (or maybe just shock) toppled me out of my personal read more

Techniques For Creating a Strong Password

An perfect password is hard to guess, nevertheless , it is simple to remember. Here a few easy methods in making strong, secure, but helpful passwords.

Begin your password with a Name or a Phrase – A number of fifteen characters creates an extremely solid password. But read more

Phishing – How to Avoid Getting Caught

What is Phishing?

With so many of us online nowdays, it' s inevitable that criminals acquainted with computer technology have found ways to make the most of it to make money. The Internet is almost impossible to police, since it crosses so many international borders, plus read more