Top 5 Tips for Event Hosting

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Hosting an event is no small undertaking. It is important to make sure that the event not only goes off perfectly, but that it will actually draw and keep the attention of those attending. If both facets are not properly addressed, the event could crash and burn regardless of the equipment or entertainment that has been lined up for the big day. Here are our must have five ingredients for a successful event.

1. Community Input – if the event is centered around fellow employees or neighbors, make sure they have input into what is actually going to happen during the event. If the events of the event are not interesting to the attendees, it will never have a chance to get off the ground. Take surveys, get out and talk to people, and do whatever it takes to find out what interests them so it can be incorporated into the event.

2. Equipment – unless the event is at a concert hall, the sound equipment is going to be one of the most critical aspects of the event. Rent or buy a quality portable PA sound system that will not fail just as the big speech is being given or the headline act is about to perform. In addition, make sure things such as the stages are secure. If the event is being catered, ensure that all equipment is functioning and able to keep the food hot and fresh for the duration of the event.

3. Checklists – people often get nervous when the big day comes and having a checklist is a great way to ensure that every detail has been addressed. Make the list when you have time to sit down and think the entire event through. As each detail has been taken care of, mark it off on the list and move onto the next item. For organization purposes, try to keep the checklist in the order things will be happening to avoid any confusion. It will also give the event organizer a snapshot of how well, or how bad for that matter, things are going.

4. Delegate – regardless of how organized you think you are, it is very difficult to run an event by yourself. Forget about taking all the glory, recognize your weaknesses and assemble a team that can handle these tasks. Remember, Generals do not get involved in the battle; they need to see everything from above so they can keep the troops on target and achieve the main objective. Trying to run everything is a surefire recipe for making sure that nothing happens properly.

5. Have fun – it may seem like an impossible task at the time, but the more fun a person has, the more likely they are to pull out the big event. While running an event is serious business, it also needs to be enjoyable. Set small goals and as they are accomplished, reward both the staff and yourself with a quick break. When the action starts, relish in the fact that everything came together properly and enjoy it yourself.

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