VPS Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

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There are countless reasons that you could be looking to build a web site, but if you are even considering the VPS chances are you are not looking for a private blog or a site to web host your family tree, instead you might be searching for a place to do some web development, a reliable place to host your business website or even e-commerce site, or sometimes a website to market a product for your company. What it brings down to for you will be Shared Hosting vs . VPS Hosting and whether the costs of each surpass the benefits

Shared hosting is exactly what most webhosts offer, unless these people specify that you are getting your own machine or VPS assume that you are obtaining a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting is precisely what it sounds like, a whole bunch of websites available on exactly the same server, all using the same assets and using just a few different IP address among them. Many new businesses and those who are starting up personal web pages choose shared hosting to cut their expenses, how much money that can be saved this way can be substantial and the whole process is very user friendly, but what are the costs?

Bad Neighborhood

Your shared hosting accounts is on a server with an entire bunch of other sites, they may include content you do not personally agree with upon moral or ethical grounds, or simply content that you do not want associated with your company. People can find out what sites are usually coming from what servers, and you may become tarred with the same brush. Worse still the other sites may be operating malicious scripts and your site might be banned from being accessed, through sending mail or any of a 100 other things that are completely beyond your manage.

Greedy Neighbors

Your site will be running on a machine getting requests for these other web sites, if it turns out that one of them eventually ends up being really popular and will get lots of traffic all at once, your site' s performance will suffer, and if your own site' s performance suffers, your own users will not be happy. It will not even take a hugely popular web site on your server to mess some misconception, poorly script scripts can consume server resources and leave your internet site responding slowly or not at all.

Big Fish, Small Pond

Shared hosting will restrict the of services, applications and technology available to you, in addition to often having smaller sized bandwidth limits than VPS or even Dedicated Server hosting plans. This means as your success grows as well as your website tries to grow with it you might run into serious issues, and the procedure for transferring a site out of shared hosting plus into a VPS is not trivial.

VPS to the rescue! (maybe)

VPS solutions are not perfect, however they do provide many advantages over a standard Shared Hosting option. If your site represents your business, it is good for your own professional image that web site is available as often as possible, and that this responds in a timely manner and is not connected with sites containing illicit or specific content. VPS Hosting gives you a lot more control, more power, more reliability.

Your website is the online expansion of your business, which does your web hosting choice say about your company?

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