You Can Protect Your Country Mailbox From Theft and Vandalism

Posted on March 5, 2018 By

For decades youngsters have got targeted country mailboxes for Friday and Saturday night batting procedures. This bashing of mailboxes is truly a Federal crime. Vandalism of any sort is covered in the United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations, Title 18, United States Code, Section 1705.

The section states “Whoever willfully or maliciously injures, tears down or destroys any letter box or other receptacle intended or used for the receipt or delivery of mail, or breaks open the same…shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years.”

Mailbox bashing alone is not the only criminal offense country mailbox users suffer. Clearly, crimes involving mailboxes fall into 2 categories: Mail Theft and Mailbox Vandalism. Anyone caught violating the mailbox or stealing mail provides committed a crime. It is not important that the basher or thief hadn’t used the stolen mail to dedicate identity theft. That intention is usually assumed and prosecution ensues.

The best possible solution is to install a heavy responsibility steel locking mailbox. Impenetrable securing mailboxes are as strong since Fort Knox. When they were examined against all other locking mailboxes currently available, these high performance steel locking mail boxes exceeded all others.

Tests included becoming dragged 100 feet by an eliminate truck, having a stick of TNT inserted through the mail slot, and being struck by boulders, football bats and pumpkins. The outcomes of such insults were that the mail boxes remained intact, while mail had been turned to ashes (so it could not have to get stolen! ), pumpkin pudding and broken bats lay on the ground near the surviving mailboxes.

With the right securing mailbox, you can count yourself free of ever having concerns about whacking or theft.

Some people put the USPS Label 33 warning label of their mailboxes. The sticker is made to deter vandals and thieves.

You are encouraged by law enforcement and the USPS Investigative Service, in order to report any suspicious activity you see in your neighborhood. If you can provide them with a license plate number of any automobile you witness as being used by crooks, you are giving information that may help result in conviction. Another good bit of proof you might be able to provide is a picture or video of criminal action and its perpetrators.

Finally, you may already know, you must collect your mail every day and never let it accumulate.

Research steel locking mailboxes and select one that will solve your country mail box need for years to come. See that everything you choose is constructed of 2 gauge solid steel. Keep in mind that there are many selections of 18 and 14 evaluate steel locking mailboxes that failed to withstand the rigorous testing and are not as strong as Fort Knox.

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